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A night without brushing your teeth, you can only rinse with mouthwash?

A: oral irrigator this is the practice of lazy people. Throughout the entire mouth, bacterial reproduction is very powerful. In addition to bacteria, some foods are stuck to the teeth.

If you only use oral irrigator, it will not be clean. Be sure to use a toothbrush and floss to remove residue and plaque physically.

Floss your teeth will make children great?

A: This is the wrong view. The main reason for the large gap is not caused by flossing, but by gingivitis periodontitis. Because of inflammation in the gums, the alveolar bone will descend, creating rifts between the teeth.

There is an elementary example. I often tell others that many people in the United States have used dental floss since childhood and developed habits. For a lifetime, their teeth are not significant; but the elderly in China have never used their teeth in this life. Line, many people have large teeth, which proves that the teeth are not caused by floss, but caused by periodontitis!

Do you need to brush it when brushing your tongue?

A: Yes, but Chinese medicine and Western medicine have different views on this. Western medicine is required to brush the tongue because under the microscope to see the surface of the language.

there are many deep one-shots, this groove is the place where the bacteria are the most, even beyond the surface of the tooth.

Therefore, brushing the tongue is very important, and when cleaning, it is necessary to sweep back and forth inside and outside. It is not enough to brush twice. The tongue is pink, indicating that there is no tongue coating, it is clean.

Of course, Chinese medicine has the saying that Chinese medicine is not recommended. In the end, letting you brush your tongue, Chinese and Western medicine are two different concepts.

Best oral irrigator products list

Why scaling? How long does it take to be appropriate

A: We brush our teeth, it is easy to have a place that can’t be brushed.

Then we need to carry out professional tooth cleaning and inspection in dental clinics or hospitals, some plaques and stones that can’t be cleaned usually, and find any possible tooth decay.

This maintains the health of the teeth, gums and mouth, so regular dental cleaning and examination are essential and necessary.

Most people, it is recommended every six months wash 1 time. There are also three types of people who need to clean their teeth every 3 to 4 months:

First, people who are doing orthodontic treatment, because orthodontic patients wear braces, wire brackets, etc., it is difficult to clean up, so it is necessary to receive washing more frequently.

Second, in patients with periodontitis, the periodontal condition of patients with periodontitis is not very healthy in itself, so it is necessary to have long-term supervision by a dentist.

Third, pregnant women, because of the changes in hormones, will make pregnant women’s gums more susceptible to inflammation, brushing easily bleeding. Others are disgusted when they brush their teeth, so expectant mothers need to see more dentists and teeth.


10) Why do you feel that your teeth are getting bigger every time you wash your teeth?

A: After the teeth are cleaned, the teeth become more massive, not because the teeth are damaged, but because the periodontitis is already there. After the calculus is removed, a gap is formed.

11 ) Does the cleaning of the teeth hurt the surface of the tooth?

A: Yes, but it is fragile, and this scratch will be repaired by itself.

12) What should I pay attention to after washing my teeth? Can you eat cold and hard things?

A: There is no particular attention to the diet. People with healthy teeth can eat at any time after washing their teeth.

But if you have periodontitis, you will be sensitive to cold and heat. Even if you don’t wash your teeth, it will be vulnerable to hot and cold foods, not caused by cleaning your teeth.