How to buy dental insurance florida

dental insurance florida you see triple the senior citizens in the last two months oh no they didn’t and and so you know if you all you’re looking at dental insurance florida  .

  • is that the day sheet says there’s a you know five hundred dollars to deposit and you’re .putting five hundred dollars in your bank you’ll never catch it
dental insurance florida
dental insurance florida
  • yeah you’ll never catch it but if but what what people who with bad intentions tend to do is they don’t want any attention drawn to it so the patient who brought the
  • payment in or wrote a check to you if they if they came in and presented the payment what the people with bad intentions do
  • will have to make that patients balance go down because the patient will come back and say hey I paid

money what why why isn’t my bill gone down so they have to do that through adjustments so that’s not the only way that people

with bad intentions can can take advantage but that is a very common way and tracking adjustments is

one of those due diligence things that you have to do as a business owner you just have to do how many times I have to

talk to doctors and they stick their heels in the sand say no I don’t want to track gross it confuses me well then if it

confuses you that it’s easier to confuse you around naughty behavior right potential embezzlement so if something is confusing you and you are the owner that doesn’t mean that we eliminate the confusion bye-bye purchase by doing a

behavior that is not healthy for the business it means you need to learn it’s an opportunity to learn and grow and understand deeper to protect yourself so correct absolutely confusion is.

the confusion is the tool of the embezzler absolutely don’t be confused and you know if you have questions please post them in the chat anyone here okay let’s