Dental insurance reviews | dental insurance

Dental insurance reviews| dental insurance

  • to talking to you soon about some Dental insurance reviews yeah today I’m going to.
  • be  talking about something a little Dental insurance reviews different I’ve never actually talked.
  • about my  teeth before and this didn’t come to my attention until I actually bought.
  • some new teeth products and I was like how do.

 I never talk about my teeth so I decided to go ahead and talk.

  • to you guys about how I take care of my teeth I had braces when I was in the ninth grade.
  • I got  braces um I then really have bad teeth my teeth of never been like super bad.
  • I never really had any problems with him before I just had spaces.
Dental insurance reviews
Dental insurance reviews
  • um but I went ahead and  closed those up cuz I didn’t like having a gap I didn’t like with him like Mike.
  • Tyson but after I got the braces for only like a year and a half I was pretty much done with you know.
  • and dentists and all that I was like the least amount of time that I have to go to the dentist it’s the best.

um even though I have been kind of slacking.

  • of my teeth to me your teeth are probably the most important thing on your face other than of course your eyebrows because you know I failed my eyebrows but beside the eyebrows I can have no eyebrows but I’d  still want to have some.
  • teeth you know there are some things in life that you just can’t do with no teeth but you.
  • form a sentence pretty sure people who don’t have teeth are less likely to get married . 
  • But I’m not even gonna get into all  that anyway so we’re gonna get back into the products.
  • so first I wanted to talk about what I brush my teeth with I find that using a regular toothbrush is so

Tedious for me I hate it I hate having to move.

  • My arm a lot when I’m brushing because half the time I’m half sleep I’m lazy I don’t feel like 
  • so I just ready to get it over with so I do not like using my arms so I have a spin brush and I think this is.
  • Colgate I want to say we’re not sure but I got from the store it’s battery-operated and you know you just.