dental insurance texas

Dental insurance texas gonna do her eyebrows see Dental insurance texas okay they’re in good shape maybe using our pencil right here that is very very good for the eyebrows.

Dental insurance texas
Dental insurance texas

that’s gonna brush them up like so and feeling up nigga upset you don’t have a lot but just filling it up good

We just get my color palette so this is a tone that I was talking about that is perfect for you I think through the air tones that I was talking about it’s very beautiful and you will see it here the tones dead I was talking about right here

The purples and the air tones we’re gonna be using they still all right here and played a bit of this one and on the top just a tiny bit of glitter oh this color just leave a bit to add shimmer into your eyes okay okay close your eyes please or sound atop .

The crease wait there light color right there good good good alright good now under Chris just don’t break you Linda needs our brush right here close your eyes please good good good good now our leaders that I was talking about he’s very.

Cute we’re gonna be using just a splash off this one right here she’s very cute then it goes very well wait the tones that we just use close your eyes good the eyeliner we’re gonna use a cap on D tattoo liner very very beautiful okay close your eyes and stay still good good okay.

Good thank you lord lower we’re gonna be using these kajak wireline Hasini also very good just a little bit to fill up just a tiny bit like so they may go get your premium eyelashes .

They are a gift you can keep them they are very very gorgeous and you can reuse them as many times as you want very very cute and it comes.

With a cute box and these are give you lashes right here you see how beautiful they are you can use them as many time as you want okay close your eyes the other