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physicians mutual dental insurance

Physicians mutual dental insurance

The money they’re getting paid physicians mutual dental insurance per service has a big difference in that but we actually dug into our clients that used Business.

intelligence software’s as well as our own reports we’d tunnel in and grab out of there their data you know we found that you know.

physicians mutual dental insurance
physicians mutual dental insurance

type of #wikipedia dentistry that they are doing has a big impact on profitability the type of money the type of dentistry I’m meaning is in.

know how many crowns did we do compare to how many patients we saw and whenever we were doing that we came out.

there were a few practices we were noticing hey there’s these you know these build ups that go along with crowns.

and we’ve got practices that aren’t physicians mutual dental insurance even putting any build-ups into their system they’re not even putting them in.

there when I talk to those clients they said well the insurance companies don’t cover them so we don’t build.

for them and so you know you and I was talking about that beforehand and that’s just a colossal mistake right.

I mean so the coding side of the things that what you do if I incredibly interesting I don’t know enough about the content.

that you know or the specifics inside of it but if you would speak to me about how you guys do a name how you analyze someone’s you.

know the mix of services if you will yeah it’s a good very good question and it’s kind of a  broad topic as well but generally how one code.

how we can tell how they code is is we get a snack we get a report when they hold a practice analysis report and most systems out.

there should be able to produce that whether it be den Trix open dental Egosoft any of those systems out there should be.

to produce a report that physicians mutual dental insurance shows how many many procedures were done by each and every code and from there you get good.

feel for how many unique patients that a particular practice has so when you have this unique count of.